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Oct. 1, 2021

The Cryptocosm Built In The Rockies - Denver, Colorado

The Cryptocosm Built In The Rockies - Denver, Colorado
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Who Will Win The Title of Blockchain & Crypto Capital of The World?

There is a lot of news about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects happening all around the world. The magnificent city of Dubai is literally making a historical mark in the world with the grand opening of EXPO 2020.

The State of Texas through the powerful backing of the Texas Blockchain Council is making making great strides to be the Blockchain capital of the western hemisphere.

The City of Miami located in southern state of Florida is currently the Blockchain & Crypto Capital in the world. Incredible events, visionary leadership from the city of Miami and a flood of talented and fully capitalized individuals and companies are flooding into the streets of Miami.

BUT, There is one place Where Tech, Talent and Entrepreneurship Is Being Built As We Speak

I'm captivated by the incredible amount of positive and exciting news that is happening. I happen to notice the beautiful state of Colorado, where there is a quiet strong foundation that is being manifested in the city of Denver. I did my initial research and pleasantly surprised by the crypto and blockchain innovation being created. It is important to note that there is a steady growth of talent in the tech and marketing pool for the crypto and blockchain industry.

So, yours truly needed to learn more and find out what is happening within the Rocky mountains of Colorado.

I reached out to none other than Tom Donohue from The Kitcaster Podcast Agency

He is a product developer using his media production and digital marketing experience to propel new technologies into the hands of the masses.

I have invited Tom Donohue to share his expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He also shares his insights into his entrepreneurial journey to market amazing blockchain based solutions and values to the marketplace. He also shares the thriving talent pool and the ecosystem that is growing day by day and eventually will get recognized in the long run or maybe it can happen sooner.

The Crypto/Blockchain ecosystem in the City of Denver is incredible, fascinating, entrepreneurial and most importantly the Best is Yet To Come.

If you are looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, entrepreneurship and podcasting. He is a wealth of knowledge and applied experience that he is excited to share and connect with like minded people all over the world.

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