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Aug. 2, 2021

The Birth of The Cryptocosm

The Birth of The Cryptocosm

Your Brain On Blockchain - The Birth Of The Cryptocosm

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Cryptocosm refers to the network of organizations, systems, companies and individuals powered by blockchain technologies.

This episode is just a precursor on what "The Cryptocosm" is about and bring light on the revolution of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, that is going to change the internet, the global financial system, political governance and even our day to day lives.

The goal of this podcast is to dive deep into learning about cryptocurrencies, blockchain based technological solutions that will change the way we live life, conduct business , communicate our ideas and visions and solve some of the problems we are currently experiencing.

Stay tune for more from "The Cryptocosm" as well as The FINFluential by Marcus Monero.

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