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Aug. 26, 2021

NFT's,Metaverse & Crypto Chat | Guest Interview with Joe Casanova of Furlough

NFT's,Metaverse & Crypto Chat | Guest Interview with Joe Casanova of Furlough

Guest Interview with Joe Casanova of Furlough

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This is a special guest interview of Joseph Φ Casanova of Furlough.

He is a Full-Stack Marketer, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Proud Founder of

Joe Casanova is a serial entrepreneur born & raised in Miami, FL. He founded Furlough in 2016 with the goal of bringing influencers, brands and fans together. He is now focused his efforts in disrupting the guru economy in the marketing industry.

Here he deep dives into the cryptocosm and shares his knowledge and insights into the crazy world of NFT's aka Non Fungible Tokens. You will be amazed about his insights and future plans about the Metaverse, which is a whole another level of reality waiting to be manifested.

You going to love the way he breaksdown NFT's and the Metaverse.


Joe Casanova invites you to join the Furlough Φ Community!

This is a place for entrepreneurs, aspiring digital marketers and experts to connect with like minded people, get feedback on your projects, learn new skills, engage in stimulating discourse, and become your best professional self.

Click on the link below to join in on the action

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