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Nov. 11, 2021

My Thoughts On The Monero Community's Public Image

My Thoughts On The Monero Community's Public Image
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There has been a lot of news going on within the Monero community with regards to Chris Sky's cancellation by the organizers of the Monerotopia event due to certain voices who are a minority aka. the SJW's - Social Justice Warriors of the Monero Community.

I shared my thoughts about the Monero community and some of the long term consequences of negative events relating to the free speech, inclusion issues and other liberty and freedom related matters that should concern the Monero community. I shared my thoughts especially the importance of the Monero community's marketing, public relations, narrative and the importance of the Monero's brand in the public eye. Check out this video, where i share my thoughts and deep dive into some things i believe have merit and value in the long run. The active segments of the Monero community is working on a great initiative to fight back the price suppression and manipulation that is affecting Monero's price in the marketplace.

This Coalition of the Willing is gathering strength day by day as more folks are learning the importance of privacy, liberty and freedom in their respective fields of interest by adopting Monero as the payment solution, but Monero is not the only privacy coin in the marketplace, There are various other contenders rising up , it a matter of time.

This video of my thoughts and ideas is just one of the many videos i would be sharing concerning the matters of Monero and other privacy coins that will serve and play a bigger role in the grand scheme of things to come.

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