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April 18, 2023

Making Crypto Payments Less Cryptic For All With Stanislav Havryliuk - COO of Zonda

Making Crypto Payments Less Cryptic For All With Stanislav Havryliuk -  COO of Zonda
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In this interview, I sit down with Stanislav, the COO of Zonda, a crypto trading & investment platform that also enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments for corporates and individuals in Europe. Stanislav discusses the importance and challenges of getting crypto payments adoption for individuals and small businesses.

In the interview, Stanislav highlights the benefits of accepting crypto payments, including the ability to transact globally, increased security, and lower transaction fees. He also discusses the challenges of adoption, including the lack of awareness and education about cryptocurrencies, volatility, and regulatory issues.

Throughout the interview, Stanislav shares his insights and experiences in the crypto payments space, including his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency adoption, the importance of building trust with customers, and the role of government in regulating the industry.

Whether you're a small business owner looking to accept crypto payments or simply interested in learning more about the challenges and opportunities in the space, this interview provides valuable insights and perspectives from a leading expert in the field. Tune in now to learn more.

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