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Oct. 17, 2021

Is BTC- Bitcoin Core Literally Libertarian Money???

Is BTC- Bitcoin Core Literally Libertarian Money???
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This is a fascinating question for many folks who are involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for many years. This question has divided people into various camps such as Bitcoin Maximalists, Bitcoin Cash proponents, Bitcoin SV believers etc and now we have many interesting Alt-coins like Litecoin, Dash or even privacy coins like Monero etc that are filling up the void Bitcoin was suppose to be as per the Bitcoin Whitepapers as the Peer to Peer Electronic Cash Transaction System for the world.

In this episode, I just share my thoughts and beliefs from the past and my change in my viewpoints to Bitcoin being libertarian money. The point of this episode is to have future discussions that can showcase new ideas and points of view with out the negative feedback unfortunately found in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

If you are new to the Cryptocosm, I encourage you to check out our previous episodes as well as the cryptocosm website to learn more - If you are interested in financial education, I would love for you to check out The FINfluential By Marcus Monero, where we talk about increasing your financial confidence, raising your human capital and bringing economic and financial freedom to the world.


Why dont you dive in and hope to hear your thoughts and viewpoints with regards to Bitcoin Core - BTC

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