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Nov. 4, 2021

How to START your own Blockchain & Crypto Event with my Special Guest Ike Singh Kehal from Social 27

How to START your own Blockchain & Crypto Event with my Special Guest Ike Singh Kehal from Social 27
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Here in this episode, I connected with Ike to learn and have him share his origin story into the events industry as well as his journey into starting his venture and scaling his business towards success and overcoming adversities that is on his path.

He was very gracious to take the time to showcase to me how I can personally start my own cryptocurrency and blockchain event as a virtual and hybrid event using the power of the SOCIAL 27 event platform. His tips and strategies are relevant to many of us who are participating and competing in the marketplace to benefit our end users - the attendees and most importantly OUR COMMUNITIES. Before we get started, Let us introduce to YOU the man of the hour IKE -

Ike is the CEO of Social27, a premier virtual event program that has been helping businesses connect throughout the pandemic and beyond. Covid completely changed the way that businesses operate across the world, but it did help us realize how many fields of work can be done remotely. Emerging technologies like Social27 have provided a multitude of new tools to help with customer retention, scouting, and marketing with the ultimate goal of growing your business.

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