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Does Crypto Enable Privacy or Transparency? Why Not Both?

The masses will come for the Lambo, but many will stay for the revolution. Satoshi (Personally i believe its Team Satoshi) looked far ahead of the short term with a long-term vision. The target was not Wall Street or the fina...

DeFi By The People, For The People | Guest Interview of John Wingate of BankSocial

Here in this episode, I had the opportunity to have a fun chat with John Wingate , who is the founder and CEO of BankSocia l. He shares his origin story into the Cryptocosm aka. Cryptoverse. He shared his insights and his tec...

Let The Real Bitcoin PLEASE STAND UP

Bitcoin- The Future of Money

Only Listen If You’re One Of The 99.9% Who Doesn’t “Get” Blockchain

You’ve heard about blockchain and that it’s the technology that cryptocurrencies is based on, with the potential to revolutionize many industries. Blockchain can be used for much more than the currency though, almost any kind...

Cryptocosm Explained - What It's All About & WHY It Matters

The Cryptocosm is essentially just the new economy built upon blockchain-based technologies. It’s a massive shift from the current economy that has been built upon the internet and the computer and information revolutions of ...

The Birth of The Cryptocosm

Your Brain On Blockchain - The Birth Of The Cryptocosm