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Sept. 19, 2021

Does Crypto Enable Privacy or Transparency? Why Not Both?

Does Crypto Enable Privacy or Transparency? Why Not Both?
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The masses will come for the Lambo, but many will stay for the revolution.

Satoshi(Personally i believe its Team Satoshi) looked far ahead of the short term with a long-term vision. The target was not Wall Street or the financial industry, but Big Tech. The real competition for crypto is in Silicon Valley. This is all evident in the Nakamoto Consensus.

Free-market capitalists will solve our political problems. In communist China, people carry smartphones. That’s a product and tool of capitalism empowering individuals to challenge the ideas of socialist collectivization directly. Nation-states are already getting in on cryptocurrency as the early adopters begin to see it as profitable.

Here in this episode, We’ll be discussing everything about crypto, self-sufficiency, spirituality, philosophy, and health. We are going to dive into the Ying & Yang of cryptocurrencies and also witness the duality of Bitcoin into the light and darkness.

We will learn about Bitcoin in a new perspective and break it into "Bit" and "Coin" . Its been far too long we talked about the "Coin" aspect of Bitcoin; Its about time we remove the noise and seek to learn the "Bit" aspect of Bitcoin.

Embrace The Light & The Darkness

This is your Brain On Blockchain.

Enter The Cryptocosm

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