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Sept. 4, 2021

DeFi By The People, For The People | Guest Interview of John Wingate of BankSocial

DeFi By The People, For The People | Guest Interview of John Wingate of BankSocial
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Here in this episode, I had the opportunity to have a fun chat with John Wingate, who is the founder and CEO of BankSocial. He shares his origin story into the Cryptocosm aka. Cryptoverse.

He shared his insights and his technological background in the blockchain space; buying his first Bitcoin etc.

He dwells deep into his experience in the traditional financial as well as educates me about decentralized finance and presents his future view and re-imagination of DeFi and the financial system in totality.

Below is the description of BankSocial for you to learn more -

BankSocial™ is a first-of-its-kind Decentralized Financed (“DeFi”) peer-to-peer lending platform built on Ethereum. Initially, members will be encouraged to hold $BSOCIAL crypto by redistribution of all token sales.

Our vision is to build a proprietary BLOCKSCORE™ social credit scoring system and social consensus lending pool, built with the security of smart contracts, to provide asset backed lending to the world.

BankSocial is by the people, for the people.

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