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Oct. 10, 2021

Crypto Origins, Market Realism & Alt-Coins With Bobby Moon Boots

Crypto Origins, Market Realism & Alt-Coins With Bobby Moon Boots
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Here in this episode, I had a great opportunity and fun informative episode with Bobby Moon Boots, where he shares his origin story in the Cryptocosm aka. cryptoverse and his current role in creating content and wisdom for those who are beginners in the ever changing landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Here in the Cryptocosm, We believe that Bobby Moon Boots YouTube Channel is underrated and delivers simple and informative content that is void of all the unnecessary hype and noise on the next pump in Bitcoin - BTC.

We got to talk about a variety of topics related to Bitcoin, BTC Maximilism etc. We got to deep dive into Bitcoin Cash and merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies as payments all around the world. we covered Zilliqa and other alt coins etc. Bobby Moon Boots also shares his thoughts and wisdom in participating in the cryptocurrency markets as well as wealth accumulation strategies and mindsets we could follow.

So, Don't just wait reading the description, Enter The Cryptocosm to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain based solutions.

Check out Booby Moon Boots YouTube Channel to learn about getting in cryptocurrencies without all the hype and noise. He delivers video content based on market realities and Big Picture Thinking -

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