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May 5, 2022

My Reflection On Crypto - The Three Pillars of Crypto

My Reflection On Crypto  -  The Three Pillars of Crypto
During the Eid holidays, I had discussions with my friends and took the time to reflect on our past and look forward to an optimistic future.
We had conversations on the world🌍reserve status of the US dollar. If you are familiar with economics and uber fancy financial terms, you would be aware of the money printers go BRRRRRR (aka quantitative easing). One of the favorite tools by politicians and bureaucrats. #rageagainstthemachine
The US dollar has been artificially propped up for so long that many economists suggest the "World Reserve Currency" will collapse faster than most think.🤔#greatreset 
When that finally happens, the effects will be undeniable and destructive.
Obviously, we got down to the conversation on cryptocurrencies and its future role in upcoming paradigm. We also have to learn alot about the fast paced advancements in Blockchain.
So, I wanted to share my thoughts on crypto and specifically share the 3 most important pillars of crypto in opinion.
1) Technical Analysis aka TA, which is the "When" of crypto
2) Fundamental Analysis aka FA, which is the "What" of crypto
Most folks in crypto always focus on these two, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, but I think it's important to point out the 3rd pillar of crypto.
3) Operational Security (aka OpSec), which is the "How" of crypto
This is one area I believe will be important for the individuals to research on tools and learn the latest operational security best practices.
One Pro Tip -- Don't talk about how much crypto you have
Hope you all had a great Eid and time to relax and reflect.
Live Free & Thrive